“Bon Scott? Ah kent his faither”

“LOOK at this,” says Hynsey, turning to show the AC/DC logo inked into his right bicep. “My first tattoo, it was done on Wednesday. See the pain of getting that done? It was no problem. You know why? Because Bon Scott was there with me.” Hynsey’s pal Joe nods at the wisdom of this. “Bon Scott… Read more »

The 500th Hawick Common Riding

“COME in,” says Ronnie Nichol, opening the door to his home. “A rum and milk for your breakfast?” It isn’t really a question. Not today. Not in Hawick. So Nichol, nodding with satisfaction, busies himself pouring the traditional beverage, first milk then a tot of dark spirit. It is 5.30am on Common Riding Friday –… Read more »

One soldier and his dog

  THE end, when it came, came quickly; death arriving shortly after dawn. At 
approximately 8:30am on the 1st of March last year, a team of soldiers from the Irish Guards were advancing towards a meeting with US troops through the northern part of the Nahr-e Saraj district of Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Among them were Lance… Read more »

Scotland’s mod scene

IT is the last Friday in April, the day of the Royal Wedding, and all over Britain people have been watching it on television. Paul Molloy, perhaps Scotland’s most ardent mod, was not among them. His mind has been on other things. Important matters. Like what to wear that night at Friday Street, the monthly club he co-runs in Glasgow…. Read more »

Scotland’s rockin’ scene

  SATURDAY night. Edinburgh. Tojo, a stocky, kindly-eyed 49-year-old Fifer wearing vintage peg-trousers, an Argyle shirt and a Jay Gatsby cap, reaches into his box of seven-inch singles and places a record, reverently but without hesitation, on the turntable, a diamond horseshoe ring on his left pinky sparkling in the dim, buttery light of the… Read more »